Leading distributors of leathers and fabrics

The history of InpelleItalia&IntessutoItalia is a story of love for leathers and furnishing fabrics.

It has its roots in the period of the Italian economic boom of the 1960s when the first giants of furniture began to stand side by side to small artisans.

Over the years the company has grown, thanks to the passion and commitment of the Marinuzzi family and its collaborators, specializing in leathers, faux leathers and fabrics, both normal and fireproof.
The in-depth experience in all types of upholstery and the continuous research in the selection of leathers and upholstery fabrics has contributed to the success of Inpelleitalia&Intessutoitalia as one of the Italian leaders in the upholstery market with a wide range of products constantly updated and renewed.

Human resources

We are a close-knit team and we strongly believe that the business growth depends on the growth of the people who work there.


We are engaged in looking for the best leathers, fake leathers, fabrics and microfibers available on the market.


We love what we do and we always tend to improve and offer the best products to our customers.